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Education and Guidance

"Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

Parental Guidance

Being a parent can be an extremely daunting task. Especially in today’s world and age where we are living such a fast pace life. Adding to that is our children transitioning through different phases of development which at times may add additional stress on parents. Parental guidance assists parents in navigating through those specific challenges, parenting styles and concerns. Parental guidance may assist the parents to address challenges concerning parenting-child difficulties. 

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Effective Study Skills

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Learners sometimes show up in class thinking that the teacher is there to lay out the perfect plan for them, and theirs is simply to glide through it. Unfortunately, studying does not work the same for each individual and teaching study skills to a learner is a great way to teach them to take ownership of their learning. I provide learners with study tips and strategies and I teach them how to set goals. These tips go far beyond studying and can teach learners to learn independence that will make them ready for career choices and life goals in the future.

Cyber Education

Living in a fast-paced digital era, it has become evident that our youth are exposed to a cyber generation of information technology. While social media platforms have been designed to entertain, they pose various threats in the form of cyber bullying, child trafficking and identity theft. It is important for our youth to understand the implications associated when using these information and communication  platforms. In order to avoid the risks associated with mismanagement of these digital tools, it is essential to highlight responsible social media etiquette. This applies to dealing with peers and strangers on the internet. 

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